Spring 2017 Floral Favorites

Spring is exactly four days away, so now is the time we start to source beautiful spring blooms for our brides. Here are some of our favorite florals that are now in season...

Ranunculus: They are bold, beautiful, interesting and no two seem quite alike. These beautiful florals are great for making a statement in a centerpiece or bouquet.  My Instagram feed is filled with sumptuous photos of locally grown ranunculus right now.  As I type this blog post, I have a lovely bouquet filled with delphinium, spray roses, scabiosa pods, cherry blossoms, Queen Anne's lace and ranunculus on my grandmother's writing desk.

Poppy: These flowers are known for the vibrant color and delicate petals. These are a perfect addition to any centerpiece or bouquet but tend to need much more water and care than the average flower. They will not last long out of water but they are definitely a show stopper! When I was just starting Beaumont House Design, I traded a huge bouquet of locally grown poppies for headshots!


Tulip: The classic spring flower. Tulips comes in many varieties and colors which make they perfect for any occasion or style. Right now I have my eye on the little patch of orange flame tulips that are the first to come up every spring in the Beaumont House garden.  While I over the top Dutch tulips make my melt, there are terrific local growers that I love to support. 


Garden Rose: Roses are probably the most popular flower in the history of the English speaking peoples. It is the ancient heraldic symbol of England as well as being their national flower, and it is also our national flower. Evidence suggest that roses have been used by mankind for thousands of years. They have been valued for their fruits as well as for their restorative powers and also for their beautiful wood. Roses are a highly valuable ingredient in essential oils and perfumes. Roses come in many variations (as seen below) and Juliet is one of my favorites.  My plan this year is to add more roses to the Beaumont House garden.  I have my eye on some David Austin beauties and want to plant a climber to arch over the studio door.  This will require me to beef up my defenses against the dreaded Japanese beetles.  I'll keep you posted!

Juliet Rose

Juliet Rose


Anemone: When it comes to looking delicate and graceful, anemones are experts. These charming blooms inspired poets, artists, and songwriters for centuries with their colorful cup shaped petals and contrasting dark or yellow center. As a staple of cottage gardens and path side plantings, this common flower is tied to a surprising amount of symbolism for different cultures.  The anemone is especially dear to my heart as my bridal bouquet was all anemones.


Lavender: Brides looking for a natural, sweet smelling floral arrangement, fresh out of the fields, need to look no further than lavender. It has been treasured by humans for several thousand years for its medicinal and aromatic properties.  This is a classic herb and a new addition to the Beaumont House garden last summer.  It has wintered over nicely so I will be adding a few more plants this spring.

Peony: A fan favorite. These big blooms are bright, colorful and sure to fill your bouquet with gorgeousness! These blooms are desired by many but come at a luxurious price.  These lush blooms pair beautifully with garden roses.  If I could, I would devote a large portion of my garden to peonies.  I have added a few new varieties to the garden this year and shamelessly keep them just for me.  When peony season is in full swing, I cluster blooms in a silver julep cup by my bed - a necessary luxury!  

Sweet Pea: These sweet smelling flowers make excellent accents to bouquets and centerpieces.  I find that sweet peas tend to evoke strong memories with the mother and grandmother of the bride.  They often remember them as a childhood favorite and are quite sentimental when they see them.  One of my favorite memories from last year was walking through the greenhouse full of sweet peas at my local farmer with the studio dogs trailing behind me checking out the blooms.

These are just a few of spring's gorgeous blooms. I can't wait to share the local goodness over the next few weeks!  Now, we are off to start locally sourcing the best florals and more for our upcoming spring couples!

But before we go, what is your favorite spring flower?