Style Resolutions for 2017

The first few weeks of a new year are always brimming with promises to eat right, exercise more and be better organized.  I'm off to a good start. I stocked the cookie jar with fig newtons and jogged to the mailbox.  Our house currently looks like an episode of Hoarders.  I blame this on the extensive construction going on and not my less than stellar housekeeping skills.  Nothing interests me less than sorting through boxes. 

On the eve of 2017, rather than beat myself up about diet and exercise, I made some style resolutions.  These were infinitely more fun to come up with, will nourish my soul throughout the year and be WAY easier to keep. Below you'll find my six style resolutions for 2017.

Resolution One

Always have flowers in the house. This may seem like a no brainer for a floral designer but it's not always the case.  Right now I'm eyeing the soft purple heather that's blooming just outside the studio window, thinking it would look beautiful in a simple white pitcher by my bed tonight.

Resolution Two

No more Sunday best.  I pulled out the wedding china and family silver and resolve to use it ALL THE TIME.  While it requires more hand washing and polishing, it means more time chatting with my husband after dinner.  There is something special about those after dinner moments that I love.  Sometimes it's as mundane as reminding ourselves to buy more dish soap but other times it leads to an impromptu dance party in the kitchen with the dogs barking madly as we twirl around the island.

Resolution Three

Dress up for the day. While working from a home studio may sound like a dream to many, it can turn a beautiful swan into a sloth in a matter of months.  I've been caught a few times running errands in town wishing I had coordinated my ensemble a bit better.  I treated myself to a grey felt hat this winter which hides some serious bedhead and paired with a scarf, dark jeans and killer shades, makes me feel like a million bucks.

Resolution Four

Wear lipstick. In a previous life I trolled the cosmetic counters at Nordstrom like the shark pursued the Orca in Jaws.  That, combined with a late night weakness for QVC, has resulted in a lot of lipstick and lip gloss needing attention.  Right now I am crushing on Mac's Deelight.

Resolution Five

Read for pleasure. There is nothing more stylish than a beautiful mind.  At some point over the past few years, I fell out of the habit of reading for pleasure and I miss it.  Right now I have an eclectic stack of books onthe bedside table including H is for Hawk, The Juniper Tree and Other Grimm's Fairy Tales illustrated by Maurice Sendak (talk about wanting to keep the lights on when you read these stories), Gertrude Jekyll's The Gardener's Essential and a stack of New Yorker magazines from the past few weeks.  It's exciting to travel between the story of keeping a goshawk, reading darker fairy tales and keeping up on the latest museum openings in NYC.

Resolution Six

Say no to the ordinary. We are nearing the end of the construction on our house and choosing finishes.  While it would be easy to do with ceiling white or a stock finish, I'm giving myself permission to explore all the options and not be afraid to try something outside of my comfort zone.  While I have spent way more time than I care to admit on looking at door hardware, it's been a fun journey to explore what's out there.

I'd love to know what your style resolutions are for 2017! Leave them in the comments below.



{Photos by: Norman Photo and Paper}


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