the Beaumont House Holiday celebration

If it were up to me, I'd have you over this Sunday morning for a beautiful Christmas brunch.  On the menu would be some of our family favorites - oysters on the half shell, Virginia ham, pannettone from our favorite bakery and a decadent sansrival cake. Since I know you are probably busy with your own holiday feast, I thought I could bring the party to you. 

Gathering around the table with family and friends this time of year brings me great joy.  Our celebration includes lots of dogs, a roaring fire in the dining room and red wine.  As Beaumont House is a construction site this year, we moved the celebration to a friend's beautiful 100 year-old barn in the middle of a Christmas tree farm. 

This year's party was a thank you to the amazing tribe of people who have helped Beaumont House Design grow into a beautiful floral studio. Around the table were family, old friends and new friends.  Thanks to Hidden Julles Café for bringing The Rambler filled to the brim with the tastes of the season and Krysta Norman of Norman Photo + Paper for capturing the evening with her keen eye and sense of style. 

A special thank you to Logan Martin from Talewind Visuals who told a story of love, light and magic on film. This glimpse into our Christmas celebration is my love letter to you.  From our house to your house, we wish you peace, love and joy.